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    In [1]:
    using Interact
    ArgumentError: Module Interact not found in current path.
    Run `Pkg.add("Interact")` to install the Interact package.
     [1] _require(::Symbol) at ./loading.jl:435
     [2] require(::Symbol) at ./loading.jl:405
     [3] include_string(::String, ::String) at ./loading.jl:522
    In [2]:
    INFO: Cloning cache of Interact from
    INFO: Installing Interact v0.7.1
    INFO: Building Interact
    INFO: Enabling widgetsnbextension
    Installing /usr/local/lib/python3.5/dist-packages/widgetsnbextension/static -> jupyter-js-widgets
    Up to date: /usr/local/share/jupyter/nbextensions/jupyter-js-widgets/extension.js
    Up to date: /usr/local/share/jupyter/nbextensions/jupyter-js-widgets/
    - Validating: OK
        To initialize this nbextension in the browser every time the notebook (or other app) loads:
              jupyter nbextension enable widgetsnbextension --py
    Enabling notebook extension jupyter-js-widgets/extension...
          - Validating: OK
    INFO: widgetsnbextension version found: 3.2.0
    INFO: A compatible version of widgetsnbextension was found. All good.
    INFO: Package database updated
    INFO: METADATA is out-of-date — you may not have the latest version of Interact
    INFO: Use `Pkg.update()` to get the latest versions of your packages
    In [3]:
    using Interact
    INFO: Precompiling module Interact.
    INFO: Interact.jl: using new nbwidgetsextension protocol
    In [4]:
    using Plots
    In [5]:
    @manipulate for m in 1:20, n in 1:20
        plot(t->cos(m*t)cos(t), t->cos(n*t)sin(t), 0, 2pi, size=(400,300))