Visualization of the Titanic's voyage.

The tasks completed in this notebook:

  • Load an interactive basemap layer.
  • Geocode Titanic's ports of of embarkation and show them as markers on the map.
  • Show the "Titanic's site" on the map.
  • Geocode the Titanic destination port and show on the map.
  • Connect all markers on the map with dashed lines.
  • Compute a simple statistic related to the ports of of embarkation and show the plot and the map on the same figure.

We will use the Lets-Plot for Python library for all charting and geocoding tasks in this notebook.

The Titanic dataset for this demo was downloaded from "Titanic: cleaned data" dataset (train_clean.csv) available at kaggle.

In [1]:
from lets_plot import *