The Notebook of Last Resort

If you are not able to get everything installed that we need for the workshop, you have the option of running this notebook on Colab.

The following cell installs the libraries we need that are not already in the Colab runtime environment.

In [1]:
# If we're running on Colab, install libraries

import sys
IN_COLAB = 'google.colab' in sys.modules

    !pip install astroquery astro-gala

That should be everything you need.

Before you get started, you probably want to press the Save button! That will allow you to save your copy of this notebook in your Google Drive.

If you don't save this notebook, any changes you make will be lost if you close the browser window or leave it idle too long.

Now you can type code and run it in the following cells.

In [ ]:
In [ ]:
In [ ]: