Sydney Stock Exchange – view trading on a particular day

Select a date to view details of that day's trading (if any).

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import pandas as pd
import ipywidgets as widgets
import arrow
import datetime
from pathlib import Path
from IPython.display import display, HTML, Image
from urllib.parse import quote_plus, parse_qs
import json
import os
from collections import Counter
from page_data_master import *

    'M': 'Morning',
    'N': 'Noon',
    'A': 'Afternoon',
    'U': 'Unknown'

In [ ]:
def get_pages(vol_num, page_num):
    for key, pages in pages_per_vol.items():
        vols = key.split('_')
        vols = [int(y) for y in vols]
        if len(vols) == 2:
            vols = list(range(vols[0], vols[1] + 1))
        if vol_num in vols:
            for p_key, p_pages in pages.items():
                p_range = p_key.split('_')
                if p_range[1] == '*':
                    if page_num >= int(p_range[0]):
                        return p_pages
                    if page_num >= int(p_range[0]) and page_num <= int(p_range[1]):
                        return p_pages
In [ ]:
# Get the list of dates
df_dates = pd.read_csv('complete_date_list.csv', parse_dates=['date'])
# Get the list of pages
df_pages = pd.read_csv('complete_page_list.csv', parse_dates=['date'])
# Merge dates and pages on the date field
df = pd.merge(df_dates, df_pages, how='left', on='date').sort_values(by=['date', 'page_num'])
In [ ]:
def highlight_missing(row):
    Highlight missing pages.
    if row['pages expected'] == row['pages found']:
        return ['', '']
        return ['','background-color: yellow']

def find_pages():
    images = []
    date = arrow.get(date_picker.value)
    with results:
        display(HTML(f'<h2>{date.format("D MMMM YYYY")}</h2>'))
        rows = df.loc[df['date'] == pd.Timestamp(date_picker.value)]
        first_page = rows.iloc[0]['page_num']
        vol_num = rows.iloc[0]['vol_num']
        num_pages = rows.iloc[0]['pages']
        if date.weekday() < 6 and pd.notnull(vol_num):
            # Get the expected number of pages
            expected = get_pages(int(vol_num), int(first_page))
            if date.weekday() < 5:
                expected_pages = expected['weekday']
            elif date.weekday() == 5:
                expected_pages = expected['saturday']
            expected_num_pages = expected_pages[0]
            display(HTML(f'<p><b>Number of pages</b>: {expected_num_pages} expected / {int(num_pages)} found</p>'))
            # Display a breakdown of the number of pages per session
            expected_sessions = dict(Counter(expected_pages[1]))
            actual_sessions = rows['session'].value_counts().to_dict()
            sessions = []
            for session, number in expected_sessions.items():
                    sessions.append({'session': SESSIONS[session], 'pages expected': number, 'pages found': actual_sessions[session]})
                except KeyError:
                    sessions.append({'session': SESSIONS[session], 'pages expected': number, 'pages found': 0})
            display(pd.DataFrame(sessions).set_index(keys='session').style.apply(highlight_missing, axis=1))
        # Show page images
        for row in rows.itertuples():
            if pd.isnull(row.vol_title):
                image_url = f'{CLOUDSTOR_URL}/download?path={quote_plus(row.vol_title)}&files=N193-{int(row.vol_num):03}_{int(row.page_num):04}.jpg'
                display(HTML(f'<h4>{SESSIONS[row.session]}</h4><p>{row.vol_title}, page {int(row.page_num)} – <a href="{image_url}">Download image</a></p>'))
In [ ]:
def start(b):

date_picker = widgets.DatePicker(
    description='Pick a Date',
    disabled=False,, 1, 1)

#with results:
#    print(os.environ.get('QUERY_STRING', ''))
query_string = os.environ.get('QUERY_STRING', '')
parameters = parse_qs(query_string)
date = parameters.get('date')

find = widgets.Button(
    description='Find pages',
    button_style='primary', # 'success', 'info', 'warning', 'danger' or ''
    tooltip='Click me',

results = widgets.Output()
display(widgets.VBox([widgets.HBox([date_picker, find]), results]))
#display(widgets.HBox([date_picker, find]))

if date:
    date_picker.value = arrow.get(date[0]).date()

Created by Tim Sherratt for the GLAM Workbench.