Get a list of species records from the Museums Victoria collection

The Museums Victoria collection API accepts four recordtype values: 'article', 'item', 'species', and 'specimen'. In this notebook we'll build a simple harvester to download all the 'species' records.

See the Museums Victoria collection API documentation for more information.

Import what we need

In [1]:
import requests
from import tqdm
import pandas as pd
from IPython.display import display, FileLink
In [2]:
# Base search url

Define some functions

In [5]:
def get_totals(params):
    Get the total results and pages from a search.
    response = requests.get(SEARCH_URL, params=params, headers={'User-Agent': 'Mozilla/5.0'})
    # The total results and pages values are in the API response's headers!
    total_results = int(response.headers['Total-Results'])
    total_pages = int(response.headers['Total-Pages'])
    return (total_results, total_pages)

def harvest_species():
    Download all the species records, saving the record id, taxon name, and common name.
    Returns a list of species.
    species = []
    params = {
        'query': ' ',
        'recordtype': 'species',
        'sort': 'date',
        'perpage': 100
    total_results, total_pages = get_totals(params)
    # Loop through the total pages, downloading a page of results at a time
    for page in tqdm(range(1, total_pages + 1)):
        # Update the page value
        params['page'] = page
        # Make a request to the API
        response = requests.get(SEARCH_URL, params=params, headers={'User-Agent': 'Mozilla/5.0'})
        # Loop through the results
        for record in response.json():
            # Look for the taxonomy section of the record
            taxonomy = record['taxonomy']
            if taxonomy:
                # Save species info
                species.append({'id': record['id'], 'taxon_name': taxonomy['taxonName'], 'common_name': taxonomy['commonName']})
    return species

Harvest the records!

In [ ]:
species = harvest_species()

Convert to a dataframe and save as a CSV

In [7]:
df = pd.DataFrame(species)
id taxon_name common_name
0 species/8583 Melangyna viridiceps Common Hover Fly
1 species/8307 Tetractenos glaber Smooth Toadfish
2 species/8815 Salticidae Jumping Spider
3 species/8456 Hydromys chrysogaster Common Water Rat
4 species/12377 Dromaius novaehollandiae Emu

How many species are recorded in the Museum of Victoria collection?

In [8]:
(1411, 3)

Save the list as a CSV file so we can make use of it elsewhere

In [9]:
df.to_csv('museum-victoria-species.csv', index=False)

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