1. About Open Power System Data

This notebook is part of the project Open Power System Data. Open Power System Data develops a platform for free and open data for electricity system modeling. We collect, check, process, document, and provide data that are publicly available but currently inconvenient to use. More info on Open Power System Data:

2. About Jupyter Notebooks and GitHub

This file is a Jupyter Notebook. A Jupyter Notebook is a file that combines executable programming code with visualizations and comments in markdown format, allowing for an intuitive documentation of the code. We use Jupyter Notebooks for combined coding and documentation. We use Python 3 as programming language. All Notebooks are stored on GitHub, a platform for software development, and are publicly available. More information on our IT-concept can be found here. See also our step-by-step manual how to use the dataplatform.

3. About this datapackage

We provide data in different chunks, or data packages.

The one you are looking at right now, Weather Data, contains geographically aggregated weather variables relevant for power system modelling. The main focus of this data package is Germany and neighboring European countries.

4. Data sources

The data source for the pre-computed country-aggregated weather datasets is Renewables.ninja, which in turn is based on weather data from the NASA MERRA-2 reanalysis.

5. License

This notebook as well as all other documents in this repository is published under the MIT License.