This notebook contains material from PyRosetta; content is available on Github.

How to Get PyRosetta on Your Personal Computer

Download the main necessary packages to work locally on your machine

Python 3.6 (and preferably IPython for tab-completion)

Select the Python 3.6.7 version to download from For IPython, you should be able to type pip install ipython in your terminal.


Here is the link to the free educational version:


1) Go to and fill out the form for a free academic license for PyRosetta

2) Download PyRosetta and user your terminal to navigate into the folder it creates

3) I recommend moving that folder (ex. PyRosetta4.Release.python36.mac.release) out of your Downloads directory and into your home directory (remember ~/)

4) cd into the setup directory and type python3.6 install (you may need to add sudo before the python part if your computer says you don’t have permission

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