Big List of Things

VAT tests

  • Lots of model runs with varying horizontal and vertical time steps were done. It was decided to have the horizontal time step at 40s and veritcal time step at 2s spreadsheet

surface wave mixing tests

Test rn_crban rn_charn nn+z0_met rn_avm0 rn_avt0
base case 100 70 000 2 1e-6 1e-6
Test A 150 20 000 1 1e-6 1e-6
Test B 100 70 000 1 1e-6 1e-6
base case2 100 70 000 2 1e-5 1e-5
Test A2 150 20 000 1 1e-5 1e-5
Test B2 100 70 000 1 1e-5 1e-5
  • Three month model runs were done with different parametrization of surface wave mixing on the Salish Sea configuration from Mar 7 to June 4, 2017.

  • ferry comparisons notebook 1 notebook 2

  • Fraser River CTD comparison notebook 1 notebook 2
  • looking at haloclines notebook 1 notebook 2 ## climatology
  • seasonal averages were made for top 30m temperature, salinity, sumdfc, sumgrme, and sumpp. Temperature and salinity also has climatology for the deepest cell. Available at /results/SalishSea/climatology.
  • made by editing this ## current predictions
  • SalishSeaAGRIF was run with the Haro Strait child grid with
    • no winds
    • climatology for tides
    • climatology for rivers
  • results notebook ## Ariane experiments
  • Ariane experiments were done in hopes of validating the residence time stated in the Carrying Capacity Report. A select number of particles were released at the same time and left to wander for a month. Experiments were done for four different monthsnotebook
  • Particles were released in Campbell River and left to wander for a month. We then counted where the particles ended up notebook ## Model Evaluation
  • refer to documentation ## SMELT diagnostic
  • Si vs N plots done for whole domain seperated by month for 2015 notebook
  • time series of depth profiles were done for a location in Central Strait, Northern Strait, and Juan de Fuca for silicon, biogenic silicon, ammonium, nitrate, PON, DON, meesozooplankton, ciliates, diatoms, and flagellates notebook
  • thalweg plots of ammonium, nitrate, excess Si, and limiting variables and rate limiting variable for diatoms, $Mesodinium$, and flagellates.
  • playing with rates spreadsheet
  • constant analytical wind tests notebook
  • varying analytical winds tests 24-48-70 notebook
  • tracking density 1023.3 in nowcast notebook
  • added passive tracer with features
    • Big Three thalweg videos notebook
    • surface videos, pretty plots, and statistical analysis notebook
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