GPy Configuration Settings

The GPy default configuration settings are stored in a file in the main GPy directory called defaults.cfg. These settings should not be changed in this file. The file gives you an overview of what the configuration settings are for the install.

In [ ]:
# This is the default configuration file for GPy

# Do note edit this file.

# For machine specific changes (i.e. those specific to a given installation) edit GPy/installation.cfg

# For user specific changes edit $HOME/.gpy_user.cfg
# Enable openmp support. This speeds up some computations, depending on the number
# of cores available. Setting up a compiler with openmp support can be difficult on
# some platforms, hence by default it is off.

# if you have an anaconda python installation please specify it here.
installed = False
location = None
MKL = False # set this to true if you have the MKL optimizations installed

Machine Dependent Options

Each installation of GPy also creates an installation.cfg file. This file should include any installation specific settings for your GPy installation. For example, if a particular machine is set up to run OpenMP then the installation.cfg file should contain

In [ ]:
# This is the local installation configuration file for GPy

User Dependent Options

Options that are user dependent should be installed in the user's home directory in .gpy_user.cfg.