Turicreate: Departure from Graphlab

Turi Create simplifies the development of custom machine learning models.


You don't have to be a machine learning expert to add

  • recommendations,
  • object detection,
  • image classification,
  • image similarity
  • activity classification

to your app.

pip install -U turicreate

In [1]:
import turicreate as tc
actions = tc.SFrame.read_csv('/Users/datalab/bigdata/cjc/ml-1m/ratings.dat', delimiter='\n', 
                                header=False)['X1'].apply(lambda x: x.split('::')).unpack()
for col in actions.column_names():
    actions[col] = actions[col].astype(int)
actions = actions.rename({'X.0': 'user_id', 'X.1': 'movie_id', 'X.2': 'rating', 'X.3': 'timestamp'})
Finished parsing file /Users/datalab/bigdata/cjc/ml-1m/ratings.dat
Parsing completed. Parsed 100 lines in 0.348264 secs.
Inferred types from first 100 line(s) of file as 
If parsing fails due to incorrect types, you can correct
the inferred type list above and pass it to read_csv in
the column_type_hints argument
Finished parsing file /Users/datalab/bigdata/cjc/ml-1m/ratings.dat
Parsing completed. Parsed 1000209 lines in 0.376001 secs.
In [ ]: