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using Plots

Animations in Julia with Plots


A quick intro to animations using Plots in Julia. It turns out it's super simple.

You can animate any plot by adding the @animate or @gif macros to a loop. Let's do an example without any abstractions like recipes or whatever and get right to it.

@animate gets added to the beginning of a loop, and what it does is it saves the plot output at each iteration into a temporary .png file. Each of these snapshots form an individual frame of your animation.

You can then call the gif function to display the frames of your animation as a repeating gif:

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# Simple dataset of 50 random numbers
y = rand(50)

# Use the @animate macro in front of a loop to create each frame of your animation
anim = @animate for i in 1:50
    # At each iteration we will plot a new subset of the data
    # I set the xlimits and ylimits so the x/y axes don't autofit as the data grows

# Save the animation as a gif and display it
┌ Info: Saved animation to 
│   fn = /Users/nelsontang/repos/julia-animation/tmp.gif
└ @ Plots /Users/nelsontang/.julia/packages/Plots/Xv2qA/src/animation.jl:114

So we can already see the gif repeating in an infinite loop and it doesn't look very appealing. You can set the fps attribute to set the frames per second a little slower. And by default it saves this as tmp.gif in the local directory, you can change the filename to something else with the second argument:

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gif(anim, "new_animation.gif", fps=12)
┌ Info: Saved animation to 
│   fn = /Users/nelsontang/repos/julia-animation/new_animation.gif
└ @ Plots /Users/nelsontang/.julia/packages/Plots/Xv2qA/src/animation.jl:114

That's it! To animate something in base plots you simply call the @animate macro in front of a loop, and within each loop you create each frame of the animation.

And for convenience you can combine the @animation for...end |> gif call into a @gif call:

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@gif for i in 1:50
    plot(y[1:i], xlims=(1,50), ylims=(0,1))
┌ Info: Saved animation to 
│   fn = /Users/nelsontang/repos/julia-animation/tmp.gif
└ @ Plots /Users/nelsontang/.julia/packages/Plots/Xv2qA/src/animation.jl:114
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