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# ggplot2 examples
In [2]:
# create factors with value labels 
mtcars$gear <- factor(mtcars$gear,levels=c(3,4,5),
mtcars$am <- factor(mtcars$am,levels=c(0,1),
mtcars$cyl <- factor(mtcars$cyl,levels=c(4,6,8),
In [3]:
# Kernel density plots for mpg
# grouped by number of gears (indicated by color)
qplot(mpg, data=mtcars, geom="density", fill=gear, alpha=I(.5), 
   main="Distribution of Gas Milage", xlab="Miles Per Gallon", 
In [4]:
# Scatterplot of mpg vs. hp for each combination of gears and cylinders
# in each facet, transmittion type is represented by shape and color
qplot(hp, mpg, data=mtcars, shape=am, color=am, 
   facets=gear~cyl, size=I(3),
   xlab="Horsepower", ylab="Miles per Gallon")
In [5]:
# Separate regressions of mpg on weight for each number of cylinders
qplot(wt, mpg, data=mtcars, geom=c("point", "smooth"), 
   method="lm", formula=y~x, color=cyl, 
   main="Regression of MPG on Weight", 
   xlab="Weight", ylab="Miles per Gallon")
Warning message:
“Ignoring unknown parameters: method, formula”
In [6]:
# Boxplots of mpg by number of gears 
# observations (points) are overlayed and jittered
qplot(gear, mpg, data=mtcars, geom=c("boxplot", "jitter"), 
   fill=gear, main="Mileage by Gear Number",
   xlab="", ylab="Miles per Gallon")
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