Jyve Demos

WARNING: Abandon hope all ye who enter

Jyve is experimental technology, and blatantly disregards some of the safegaurds engineered into JupyterLab. Jyve should not be installed on any trusted computing resource.

Here are some demos of things you can do with Jyve and a modern browser.

In [1]:
document.write("<h1>Hello DOM!</h1>")
display.display({"text/markdown": "<h1>Hello Notebook</h1>"})

Hello Notebook


IFrame Kernels

Jyve kernels don't run on your notebook server. The first couple just run in their own iframe.

NOTE: Installing and using them might make your JupyterLab unstable! A future version of the iframe kernel would communicate over postMessage. It's even more unsafe to run untrusted Jyve notebooks than other notebooks.

Language Features

  • Basic Rich Output
  • JupyterLab API
  • Detecting and displaying JavaScript types
  • Using the JupyterLab "standard library" (d3, React, jquery, phosphor, underscore, etc)
  • Widgets

Using packages from the internet

Convenience Libraries

You're free to go schlepp data from the internet to make your runtime application, but certain libraries used in the JupyterLab baseline (or close neighbors) are available directly: