Jyve TypeScript

TypeScript is a typed language that compiles to JavaScript. It is also the language in which JupyterLab (and Jyve) are mostly written.


Due to its typed nature, TypeScript is pretty adamant about redeclarations, etc. Better support for this is pending, but for now, you'll probably want to:

  • do any definitions up front
  • restart often
In [ ]:
export interface IAnimal {
    sound: string;
In [ ]:
class Snake implements IAnimal {
    private _sound = 'hiss';
    get sound(){ return this._sound; }
    set sound(sound){ this._sound = sound; }
let snake = new Snake()
In [ ]:
In [ ]:
var x = this.display.display({
    "text/markdown": "# hello"