Electromagnetics: 3-loop model

In the first part of this notebook, we consider a 3 loop system, consisting of a transmitter loop, receiver loop, and target loop.

Import Necessary Packages

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from geoscilabs.em.FDEM3loop import interactfem3loop
from geoscilabs.em.FDEMpipe import interact_femPipe
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from matplotlib import rcParams
rcParams['font.size'] = 14

Your Default Parameters should be:

Parameter Default value
Inductance: L = 0.1
Resistance: R = 2000
X-center of target loop: xc = 0
Y-center of target loop: yc = 0
Z-center of target loop: zc = 1
Inclination of target loop: dincl = 0
Declination of target loop: ddecl = 90
Frequency: f = 10000
Sample spacing: dx = 0.25

To use the default parameters below, either click the box for "default" or adjust the sliders for R, zc, and dx. When answering the lab questions, make sure all the sliders are where they should be!

Run FEM3loop Widget

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Pipe Widget

In the following app, we consider a loop-loop system with a pipe taget. Here, we simulate two surveys, one where the boom is oriented East-West (EW) and one where the boom is oriented North-South (NS).

The variables are:

  • alpha: $$\alpha = \frac{\omega L}{R} = \frac{2\pi f L}{R}$$
  • pipedepth: Depth of the pipe center

We plot the percentage of Hp/Hs ratio in the Widget.

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