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from geoscilabs.em.MT import MT1D_app
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from matplotlib import rcParams
rcParams['font.size'] = 20

Magnetotelluric: Forward Modelling for 1 to 3 layers

Here you can visualize Magnetotelluric (MT) response of a layered earth, up to 3 layers in this interactive notebook.

  • fmin: smallest measured frequency (Hz)
  • fmax: highest measured frequency (Hz)
  • nbdata: number of data points evenly spaced between fmin and fmax
  • h (i): thickness of the layer i. Put it to zero to remove one layer
  • $\rho_i$: electrical resistivity of the layer i, in ohm-m
  • $\varepsilon_i$: relative dielectric permittivity $\varepsilon_r$ of the layer i
  • $\mu_i$: relative magnetic permittivity $\mu_r$ of the layer i
  • Plot Envelope fields: If activated (might be slow), plot the envelope of the E and H field for a given frequency (see fenvelope)
  • F: plot the envelope for of the waves at 'F' Hz
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