Freud Example Notebooks

Welcome to Freud example Jupyter notebooks. Here you will find example notebooks which demonstrate how to use Freud, including basic and advanced examples.

You can launch an interactive version of these notebooks by cloning the freud repository and running on your own machine, or try the static nbviewer version or the dynamic mybinder version.

Run locally:

git clone
cd freud-examples
jupyter notebook

See Notebook Basics and Running Code for tutorials on using Jupyter itself.

These examples are a work in progress, many entries in this index are placeholders for planned examples.

AFRL Seminar 2017

APS March Meeting 2017


Advanced Topics

AIChE Fall Meeting 2016 Demos

Datasets used in these examples are a system of hard hexagons, simulated in the NVT thermodynamic ensemble in HOOMD-Blue, for a dense fluid (phi065) and a solid (phi075)

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