ImageJ Tutorials and Demo

Welcome to the ImageJ tutorial series. These notebooks offer a hands-on series of lessons for learning ImageJ.

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ImageJ Demo

First, we tell the notebook to download and install ImageJ from the remote repository.

In [1]:
%classpath config resolver scijava.public
%%classpath add mvn
net.imagej imagej 2.0.0-rc-71
net.imagej imagej-notebook 0.7.1
Added new repo: scijava.public

Now that ImageJ functionality is available to the notebook, we create an ImageJ gateway.

In [4]:
// Creates a new ImageJ2 gateway: a variable to be used as the central enrty point to any ImageJ2 functionality
ij = new net.imagej.ImageJ()
"ImageJ v${ij.getVersion()} is ready to go."
ImageJ v2.0.0-rc-71 is ready to go.

For further details, see the Fundamentals of ImageJ notebook.

Load an image

You can open images from local files as well as remote URLs.

In [3]:
image ="")

Compute histogram

In [4]:
histogram = ij.op().image().histogram(image)

N-dimensional crop

In [5]:
mandrill ="")
[INFO] Populating metadata
[INFO] Populating metadata