In [1]:
# Widget related imports
from IPython.html import widgets
from IPython.display import display, clear_output, Javascript
from IPython.utils.traitlets import Unicode

# nbconvert related imports
from IPython.nbconvert import get_export_names, export_by_name
from IPython.nbconvert.writers import FilesWriter
from IPython.nbformat import current
from IPython.nbconvert.utils.exceptions import ConversionException

Create a text Widget without displaying it. The widget will be used to store the notebook's name which is otherwise only available in the front-end.

In [2]:
notebook_name = widgets.TextWidget()

Get the current notebook's name by pushing JavaScript to the browser that sets the notebook name in a string widget.

In [3]:
js = """var model = IPython.notebook.kernel.widget_manager.get_model('{model_id}');
model.set('value', IPython.notebook.notebook_name);;""".format(model_id=notebook_name.model_id)
In [4]:
filename = notebook_name.value
u'Export As (nbconvert).ipynb'

Create the widget that will allow the user to Export the current notebook.

In [5]:
exporter_names = widgets.DropdownWidget(values=get_export_names(), value='html')
export_button = widgets.ButtonWidget(description="Export")
download_link = widgets.HTMLWidget(visible=False)

Export the notebook when the export button is clicked.

In [6]:
file_writer = FilesWriter()

def export(name, nb):
    # Get a unique key for the notebook and set it in the resources object.
    notebook_name = name[:name.rfind('.')]
    resources = {}
    resources['unique_key'] = notebook_name
    resources['output_files_dir'] = '%s_files' % notebook_name

    # Try to export
        output, resources = export_by_name(exporter_names.value, nb)
    except ConversionException as e:
        download_link.value = "<br>Could not export notebook!"
        write_results = file_writer.write(output, resources, notebook_name=notebook_name)
        download_link.value = "<br>Results: <a href='files/{filename}'><i>\"{filename}\"</i></a>".format(filename=write_results)
        download_link.visible = True
def handle_export(widget):
    with open(filename, 'r') as f:
        export(filename,, 'json'))

Display the controls.

In [7]:
display(exporter_names, export_button, download_link)