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%matplotlib inline

Resample an image to a template

The goal of this example is to illustrate the use of the function :func:nilearn.image.resample_to_img to resample an image to a template. We use the MNI152 template as the reference for resampling a t-map image. Function :func:nilearn.image.resample_img could also be used to achieve this.

First we load the required datasets using the nilearn datasets module.

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from nilearn.datasets import fetch_neurovault_motor_task
from nilearn.datasets import load_mni152_template

template = load_mni152_template()

motor_images = fetch_neurovault_motor_task()
stat_img = motor_images.images[0]

Now, the localizer t-map image can be resampled to the MNI template image.

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from nilearn.image import resample_to_img

resampled_stat_img = resample_to_img(stat_img, template)

Let's check the shape and affine have been correctly updated.

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# First load the original t-map in memory:
from nilearn.image import load_img
tmap_img = load_img(stat_img)

original_shape = tmap_img.shape
original_affine = tmap_img.affine

resampled_shape = resampled_stat_img.shape
resampled_affine = resampled_stat_img.affine

template_img = load_img(template)
template_shape = template_img.shape
template_affine = template_img.affine
print("""Shape comparison:
- Original t-map image shape : {0}
- Resampled t-map image shape: {1}
- Template image shape       : {2}
""".format(original_shape, resampled_shape, template_shape))

print("""Affine comparison:
- Original t-map image affine :\n {0}
- Resampled t-map image affine:\n {1}
- Template image affine       :\n {2}
""".format(original_affine, resampled_affine, template_affine))

Finally, result images are displayed using nilearn plotting module.

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from nilearn import plotting

                       cut_coords=(36, -27, 66),
                       title="t-map in original resolution")
                       cut_coords=(36, -27, 66),
                       title="Resampled t-map")