Data visualization and dashboards with InfluxDB


  1. Open Data Explorer
  2. Create a flux query (either with the panel at the bottom, or writing manually in the Script Editor)
  3. Press Submit to run the query. This will generate the graph preview.
  • You can add further queries with the + button
  • You an hide/show the visualizations by clicking on the eye icon

You can choose a different graph type from the left menu.

To see you data in a tablet format, turn on the View Raw Data switch.

You can refresh the dashboard with the refresh button. You can change the auto-refresh interval (by default it is stopped and shows a pause sign).

You can save your query as a dashboard cell by clicking on the Save as


  1. Select the Boards menu item in the navigation menu.
  2. Select Create Dashboard menu in the middle and select New Dashboard
  3. Name the dashboard at the top field (saying Name this dashboard)

You can also import a dashboard from a file or simply pasting a JSON file.

You can also create a new dashboard from templates.

You can also clone your dashboard and change it for another need.

For these operations you need to open a dashboard (e.g. by clicking on its name in the Boards screen).

  • You can add further data to your dashboard with the Add cell button at the top left corner.
  • You can add notes to your dashboard with the Add Note buttom at the top left corner.
  • Change time zone
  • Manually refresh
  • Set automatic refresh interval
  • Select time range

Further operations

  • Export: Click on the gear icon and select Export. You can export the dashboard as
    • JSON file
    • A template Or you can copy the JSON to the clipboard.
  • Delete