Python Machine Learning - Code Examples

Chapter 2 - Training Machine Learning Algorithms for Classification

Note that the optional watermark extension is a small IPython notebook plugin that I developed to make the code reproducible. You can just skip the following line(s).

In [1]:
%load_ext watermark
%watermark -a 'Sebastian Raschka' -u -d -p numpy,pandas,matplotlib
Sebastian Raschka 
last updated: 2017-03-10 

numpy 1.12.0
pandas 0.19.2
matplotlib 2.0.0

The use of watermark is optional. You can install this IPython extension via "pip install watermark". For more information, please see:


In [2]:
from IPython.display import Image

Artificial neurons - a brief glimpse into the early history of machine learning

In [3]:
Image(filename='./images/02_01.png', width=500) 
In [4]:
Image(filename='./images/02_02.png', width=500)