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The official conversion tool of the Jupyter project. It can be used to convert notebooks to HTML, LaTeX and many other formats.

Its --execute flag can be used to automatically execute notebooks before conversion.

RunNotebook (

Notebooks can be included in *.rst files with a custom notebook directive. Uses nbconvert to execute notebooks and to convert the result to HTML.

No LaTeX support.

There are some forks:


Build a tested, sphinx-based website from notebooks.


A workflow for creating and editing publication ready scientific reports and presentations, from one or more Jupyter Notebooks, without leaving the browser!


Jupyter Book is an open source project for building beautiful, publication-quality books and documents from computational material.

Previous tagline: "Create an online book with Jupyter Notebooks and Jekyll":


A collection of tools for working with Jupyter Notebooks in Sphinx.

The primary tool this package provides is a Sphinx parser for ipynb files. This allows you to directly convert Jupyter Notebooks into Sphinx documents. It relies heavily on the MyST parser.


This Jupyter notebook extension allows you to save your notebook as a PDF.

Three new features compared to the official "save as PDF" extension:

  1. produce a PDF with the smallest number of page breaks,
  2. the original notebook is attached to the PDF; and
  3. this extension does not require LaTex.


Create interactive webpages from Jupyter Notebooks


An extended nbconvert template for LaTeX output.


Notebook to reStructuredText converter which uses a modified version of the matplotlib plot directive.


A Sphinx role for IPython notebooks


Uses nbsphinx, but supports notebooks outside the Sphinx source directory.

See for some limitations.


Uses nbconvert to create a sequence of HTML or a concatenated LaTeX file from a sequence of notebooks.


Jupyter Sphinx is a Sphinx extension that executes embedded code in a Jupyter kernel, and embeds outputs of that code in the output document. It has support for rich output such as images, Latex math and even javascript widgets.

Converting Notebooks to reStructuredText (not available anymore)

Further Posts and Issues (not available anymore)