Appended one-table version of ICD 2019/20 orchestra season analysis

Reshapes the full data sheet from the 2019/20 Orchestra Season analysis conducted by the Institute for Composer Diversity.

The original data sheet has each orchestra in a separate spreadsheet tab, which makes it harder to conduct new analysis or generate intersectional counts (e.g. pieces composed by Women of Colour). By appending all the tabs into one sheet, this analysis can be completed.

Written by Ben Coleman


In [1]:
import pandas as pd
import numpy as np


You will have to download the ICD's workbook as an excel sheet (File > Download > Microsoft Excel .xlsx).

It is easiest if you save this in the same directory as the notebook; then the filepath just needs to be the filename.

In [2]:
# Define filepath and import workbook
ImportFilePath = "2021-01-02_BREAKDOWN_ 2019-2020 ORCHESTRAL PROGRAMMING.xlsx"
ICD1920Original = pd.read_excel(ImportFilePath, sheet_name=None)


In [3]:
# Creates final data frame
ICD1920Combined = pd.DataFrame(None,None,['Orchestra', 'Composer', 'WorkTitle', 'WorkCount', 'Living', 'Women', 'Heritages'])
In [4]:
# Processes and appends individual orchestra worksheets
for worksheetKey in ICD1920Original.keys():
    if ICD1920Original[worksheetKey].columns[0:2].to_list() == ['Unnamed: 0', 'Unnamed: 1']:
        worksheetTemp = ICD1920Original[worksheetKey]
        # add orchestra column based on worksheetKey
        orchestraList = [worksheetKey] * len(worksheetTemp.index)
        worksheetTemp.columns=['Orchestra', 'Composer', 'WorkTitle', 'WorkCount', 'Living', 'Women', 'Heritages']
        # remove top two summary rows and occasional "*Heritages bottom row"
        worksheetTemp = worksheetTemp[worksheetTemp.WorkTitle.notnull()]
        # append to final dataframe
        ICD1920Combined = ICD1920Combined.append(worksheetTemp)

Export to CSV

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