Whotracks.me May Update

This post is one of our regular monthly blogs accompanying an update to the data displayed on WhoTracks.Me. In these posts we introduce what data has been added as well as point out interesting trends and case-studies we found in the last month. Previous month's posts can be found here: April 2018, February 2018, January 2018, December 2017.

This month we update the site with data from 340 million page loads during April 2018. We expand the number of trackers shown to 951, and the number of websites to 1330. As this will be the last full month before the GDPR comes into force for European users, this will provide a benchmark to assess whether there is an observable difference on the tracking ecosystem.

This month also saw our new paper "WhoTracks.Me: Monitoring the online tracking landscape at scale" published on Arxiv. This paper covers the methodology behind the data we collect here, and how we ensure no private information can be leaked during this process.

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from plotly.offline import init_notebook_mode, iplot, offline

import pandas as pd
import cufflinks as cf

cf.set_config_file(offline=False, world_readable=True, theme='pearl')