Summary of all harvested series

This notebook displays summary information from 23 series in the National Archives of Australia relating to the administration of the White Australia Policy.

Item level metadata for all of these series has been harvested from RecordSearch, the National Archive's online database, and saved as CSV-formatted files.

Just click on one of the series numbers in the table below for more detailed information, some simple visualisations, and a link to the CSV file.

In [13]:
from IPython.core.display import display, HTML
import series_details
In [14]:
series_list = ['B13', 'B6003', 'BP343/15', 'D2860', 'D5036', 'D596', 'E752', 'J2481', 'J2482', 'J2483', 'J3115', 'K1145', 'P437', 'P526', 'PP4/2', 'PP6/1', 'SP11/26', 'SP11/6', 'SP115/1', 'SP115/10', 'SP42/1', 'SP726/1', 'ST84/1']
In [15]:
df = series_details.make_df_all(series_list)
In [18]: