Recept station layout

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# dit notebook werkt onder Python 2 en 3
from __future__ import division, print_function

Haal de station layout op uit de API en plot

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import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
%matplotlib notebook
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from datetime import datetime
from math import sin, cos, radians
from sapphire import Station, datetime_to_gps
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s = Station(501)
layout = s.station_layout(datetime_to_gps(datetime(2016, 1, 1)))

De indeling van de station layout tsv is alsvolgt:

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# This data contains the following columns:
# timestamp: time the layout was measured in seconds after 1970-1-1 [UNIX
# per detector (4x):
#     radius: distance to detector from GPS, in plane of GPS [meters]
#     alpha: angle between detector and true north as seen from GPS [degrees]
#     height: altitude of the detector above plane of GPS [meters]
#     beta: angle of the long side of the scintillator to true north [degrees]

layout is een lijst met daarin per detector: [radius, alpha, height, beta]

In [ ]:
detectors = []
for detector in layout:
    r, alpha, z, beta = detector
    x_det = r*sin(radians(alpha))
    y_det = r*cos(radians(alpha))
    detectors.append((x_det, y_det))
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In [ ]:
xs, ys = zip(*detectors)
plt.plot(0,0, 'ro')
plt.text(0, 0, 'GPS')
for number, (x, y) in enumerate(detectors):
    plt.plot(x, y, 'xb')
    plt.text(x, y, str(number))
plt.xlim((min(xs)-5, max(xs)+5))
plt.ylim((min(ys)-5, max(ys)+5))
plt.ylabel('distance [m] north up -->')
plt.xlabel('distance [m] east left -->')