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Organization and simultaneous fits: illustration use of ROOT.RooCustomizer and ROOT.RooSimWSTool interface in factory workspace tool in a complex standalone B physics example

Author: Clemens Lange, Wouter Verkerke (C++ version)
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import ROOT

w = ROOT.RooWorkspace("w")

Build a complex example pdf

Make signal model for CPV: A bmixing decay function in t (convoluted with a triple Gaussian resolution model) times a Gaussian function the reconstructed mass

In [ ]:
    "PROD::sig(  BMixDecay::sig_t( dt[-20,20], mixState[mixed=1,unmix=-1], tagFlav[B0=1,B0bar=-1], "
    "tau[1.54], dm[0.472], w[0.05], dw[0], "
    "AddModel::gm({GaussModel(dt,biasC[-10,10],sigmaC[0.1,3],dterr[0.01,0.2]), "
    "GaussModel(dt,0,sigmaT[3,10]), "
    "GaussModel(dt,0,20)},{fracC[0,1],fracT[0,1]}), "
    "DoubleSided ), "
    "Gaussian::sig_m( mes[5.20,5.30], mB0[5.20,5.30], sigmB0[0.01,0.05] ))"

Make background component: A plain decay function in t times an Argus function in the reconstructed mass

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w.factory("PROD::bkg(  Decay::bkg_t( dt, tau, gm, DoubleSided), " "ArgusBG::bkg_m( mes, 5.291, k[-100,-10]))")

Make composite model from the signal and background component

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w.factory("SUM::model( Nsig[5000,0,10000]*sig, NBkg[500,0,10000]*bkg )")

Example of RooSimWSTool interface

Introduce a flavour tagging category tagCat as observable with 4 states corresponding to 4 flavour tagging techniques with different performance that require different parameterizations of the fit model

ROOT.RooSimWSTool operation:

- Make 4 clones of model (for each tagCat) state, will gain an individual
  copy of parameters w, and biasC. The other parameters remain common
- Make a simultaneous pdf of the 4 clones assigning each to the appropriate
  state of the tagCat index category

ROOT.RooSimWSTool is interfaced as meta-type SIMCLONE in the factory. The $SplitParam() argument maps to the SplitParam() named argument in the ROOT.RooSimWSTool constructor

In [ ]:
w.factory("SIMCLONE::model_sim( model, $SplitParam({w,dw,biasC},tagCat[Lep,Kao,NT1,NT2]))")

Example of RooCustomizer interface

Class ROOT.RooCustomizer makes clones of existing pdfs with certain prescribed modifications (branch of leaf node replacements)

Here we take our model (the original before ROOT.RooSimWSTool modifications) and request that the parameter w (the mistag rate) is replaced with an expression-based function that calculates w in terms of the Dilution parameter D that is defined D = 1-2*w

Make a clone model_D of original 'model' replacing 'w' with 'expr('0.5-D/2',D[0,1])'

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w.factory("EDIT::model_D(model, w=expr('0.5-D/2',D[0,1]) )")

Print workspace contents

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Make workspace visible on command line

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