PyMOL Part I

Biochemistry laboratories - 201

Jean-Yves Sgro

Find this document at
(last letter is a capital Oh not a zero)

Note: To see as slides click on at the top right. To revert back to page view click on when on the first slide.


  • check your name on the attendees list
  • choose an iMac
  • login with your NetID

Finding PyMOL

  • Click on the "Finder" at the bottom right of the "Dock" on the bottom of the screen. |

  • This will open a new window.

  • On the left click on "Applications"
  • In the alphabetical list choose "MacPyMOL" or "" and double click. This will open PyMOL on your screen.

PyMOL book: section for Part I

  • start on page 51
  • end on page 115

This book is a loaner with a number marked on it.
Please do not take with you!

To get your own book in PDF format:

  • fill-in the one page "evaluation" form for this class
  • a link to the book PDF is provided at the end of the 1 page survey

The evaluation is anonymous. Evaluation link on Qualtrics
short URL:

Evaluation survey will be unlocked at specific times.