PyMOL part 3 (of 3)

Biochemistry laboratories - 201

Jean-Yves Sgro

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  • choose an iMac
  • login with your NetID

Finding PyMOL

  • Click on the "Finder" at the bottom right of the "Dock" on the bottom of the screen. |

  • This will open a new window.

  • On the left click on "Applications"
  • In the alphabetical list choose "MacPyMOL" or "" and double click. This will open PyMOL on your screen.

PyMOL book:

  • start on page 111
  • end on page 162

This book is a loaner with a number marked on it.
Please do not take with you!

To get your own book in PDF format:

  • After class fill-in the one page "evaluation" form for this class
  • BONUS 1: Complete in-color PDF of PyMOL workbook used in class
  • BONUS 2: Official "Introduction to PyMOL" by DeLano Scientific

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Today's menu

  • Movie making for the impatient - Scenes export (p 111)
  • Simple animations (p 116)
  • Advanced movie commands (p 121)
  • NMR models & animation (p 127)
  • Multimeric structure: rhinovirus A16 (p 135)
  • Scripts (p 140)
  • Subsets (p 148)
  • Choosing a style: PyMOLWiki gallery (p 154)
  • Morphing (p 155)
  • Optional: Electron density maps (p163)

PyMOL movie commands

Movie programs Definitions and complete parameters
movie.rock movie.rock(first,last,angle=30,phase=0,loop=1,axis='y')
movie.roll movie.roll(first,last,loop=1,axis='y')
movie.zoom movie.zoom(first,last,step=1,loop=1,axis='z')
movie.screw movie.screw(first,last,step=1,angle=30,phase=0,loop=1, axis='y')
movie.sweep movie.sweep(pause=0,cycles=1)
movie.pause movie.pause(pause=15,cycles=1)
movie.nutate movie.nutate(first,last,angle=30,phase=0,loop=1,shift=math.pi/2.0,factor=0.01)
movie.tdroll movie.tdroll(first,rangex,rangey,rangez,skip=1)
movie.timed_roll timed_roll(period=12.0,cycles=1,axis='y')
movie.load movie.load(*args,**kw)

Saving the Movie as Frames

Movie can be saved as individual frames to be assembled in 3rd party software. However, since PyMOL can make movies directly this info is now less relevant - here for general information.

Software Link
QuickTime™Pro (Mac / PC / 29.99$)
VideoMach (PC – (standard of Pro)
ImageMagick (Open Source, free)
Avidemux (Open Source, free) <- recommended by PyMolWiki